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Bi-Xenon HID Hi-Low Harness

Bi-Xenon HID Hi-Low Harness

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Bi-Xenon Hi-Low Harness HID compatible


  • Works with any vehicle with 12 volt battery to add Bi-Xenon projectors
  • Connect white wire to low beam positive, blue wire to high beam positive, and brown wire to head light ground.
  • Can also be used to add fog lights. When there is 12 V between the white wire and the brown wire, the relay will be energized and two 9006 connectors' positive wires will be connected to the '+' terminal connector. You can either choose to use a switch to control the relay, or let it energize with low beam, thus turn on fog with low beam. 9006 to H11 adapters can be used, which can be purchased through the link below.

Main Features:

  • Waterproof connectors. 
  • Can be used to add Bi-Xenon projectors with HID kit
  • Turns on when low beam turns on, and switch to high beam mode when high beam switch is on



1) Working voltage: 12 V

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